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I take much pride to introduce Ujyalo Nepal Pvt.Ltd. established in 2014 A.D., located at central part of Bharatpur Metropolitan City – 3, Baraghare, Chitwan  as one of the pioneers in the manufacturing company & Supplier  of  Powder Coated Window and Door Frame.  Hoping to control highly illegal  deforestation trend due to high demand of wooden product for any kind of building construction and providing best alternative solution of wooden product with ease at local and national market.

We design, engineer, manufacture and install our prime product with highly equipped technologies, testing equipments, using various level of skilled manpower, committed management team and motivated workers to meet the customer’s specific requirements and  to achieve the set standard quality of company.To meet the growing gap in between for commercial use of timber and correspondingly its ever dwindling supply in the market.


① To provide most modern and superior technological iron and steel products to customers conveniently and economically.

② To work in manufactures of products in substitution of exorbitant and scare timber.

③ To create employment in the locality.

④ To help protect forest conservation.


Generally iron is considered strongest and long lasting and hence it has high among the various construction materials.however iron is subjected to environmental wear and tear effects and rusting weakens it. Chemical treatments like powder coating is used to save iron from rusting.hence Ujyalo products are free from oxidation effects.

With rapid forest destruction coupled with high urbanization rate, easy timber availability in the market is a distant dream.products in lieu of timber like iron and steel are as timber and they easily available,cheaper,stronger,reliable,secure,long-lasting and their demand is ever increasing.

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